hummusbirrrrrrrd Sunday night hair mask 3y
  •   dil_pickles Omg I definately cooked the egg that's why my hair feels a little weird I mean I did it with warm but still x_x 3y
  •   lady.cay @hummusbird would you mind telling me what this is made of and what the results are?! I'm interested because my hair is mad at me for not cutting it in over a year. 3y
  •   anotherweek Works so good but smells so bad 3y
  •   brita_ny @hummusbird mad respect 3y
  •   hummusbirrrrrrrd @cayfay I used avocado, olive oil, and an egg..To be honest my hair still feels extremely dry, but I've been having such problems ever since I moved to Philly because of the hard water, so who knows! 3y
  •   hummusbirrrrrrrd @cayfay ACTUALLY I just got done styling it with my curling iron... The ends are still a little dry but overall my hair looks and feels so much softer, and has more movement to it. You should 100% try this! 3y
  •   lady.cay Thanks @hummusbird I'll give it a try. Your hair always looks so lovely 3y
  •   hummusbirrrrrrrd @cayfay Aw, thank you! Let me know how it goes!! 3y

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