•   jawshwood Hahahahah i went there for a sixth grade field trip!!! 2y
  •   coalatree @organicgardengirl3 we are headed out in the morning. Next time we need to come and see your awesome garden! 2y
  •   organicgardengirl3 @coalatree Oh man I am 3 miles away!!! I would have had you over for swimming and steak!!! I'm glad you had a nice trip-it was a gorgeous day!!! safe trip home. 2y
  •   organicgardengirl3 @coalatree P.S. this is one of the best shots of the monument I have ever seen 2y
  •   coalatree @organicgardengirl3 breakfast!? 2y
  •   organicgardengirl3 @coalatree Haha too funny!!! After i get my son off to school, For me it's coffee and my school books! Are you in Georgetown? Adams Morgan? DuPont? 2y
  •   charlie_coalatree @organicgardengirl3 we're staying in Washington, just right off Rhode Island street and 14th. I have so much respect for this City! 2y
  •   organicgardengirl3 @charliedank1 It is an amazing city!! You can go to any of these museums for free. Did you try pearl dive oyster bar by where you're staying? You are def in the heart of the city. I'm glad you had a great time 2y

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