breakaleg - 2y
  •   perksofreagan What apps do you use omfg ur blog is my favorite on instagram. 2y
  •   gayngmember Omg your photography is amazing do you use any apps? 2y
  •   breakaleg @hellabirdy @_reagank just IG :) 2y
  •   perksofreagan @breakaleg really? Omg you're great. 2y
  •   gayngmember Omg you're like amazing I'm hella jealous 2y
  •   endearinglove please tell me how u send ur pictures to ur iPhone/iPod or whatever? like from the computer? cuz when I send them, I send them by email from my Mac after I finish downloading them from my camera. when I check my email from my iPod, I "save image" and then when I check in my photo album, they look kinda pixilated. I'd really like it if u replied😕 please reply 2y
  •   middleofsomewhere @littlemissmeeee You should save them all into a photobucket account on your laptop and then get the Photobucket mobile app where you can easily download all of the pictures that are in an album :) 2y
  •   endearinglove @_loveanonymous thanks for the info! :) 2y

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