tonyhawk 1st place in 1984 = $300. My dad (right) was stoked; I was that much closer to buying my own car. 2y
  •   brittany_alvarez17 My dad said that you used to skateboard with him in High School :) Haha! 2y
  •   maddogmike777 Awesome kid , man 2y
  •   rebelsscoot_ Cool I want to do that but I am only 10 2y
  •   doubleddunc Frank was a good man!! 2y
  •   mears_26 you ant the real tony 2y
  •   jeanellehjj5 This made me $74,300 richer Anyone wants to join in? > @Cecilyele6 2y
  •   analisa_instagram Shut up natino35 2y
  •   that1guykevin Tony, I have a relative named mike Whalen, he says he knew you when you were a teen and he said he was ur best friend, I don't be leave the guy hahah I know this might be wierd but do u know him? Please comment back 2y

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