bullynemo forever attached to his Mama #bulldog 3y
  •   valeriehaines So sweet!! 3y
  •   rachpots Love the tattoo, too!! 3y
  •   bullynemo @rachpots Ty! 3y
  •   bullynemo @jaims__ thank you! 3y
  •   bullynemo @ideas4yall Javi did this back in May. Not that great of a picture but you get the point. He'll probably do my other arm at some point too 3y
  •   bullynemo @ideas4yall I just got my inner arm done in December. I like to get the painful areas over with before doing the rest of my arm later on! I laugh when beefy ass guys ask me about my tattoos and if they hurt. I'm like man, I'm some tall/skinny chick. If I can handle it then so can you! 3y
  •   bullynemo @ideas4yall I'm not crazy covered. Just a few large pieces here and there! I may or may not reveal my crazy dog lady identity at some point. I'm just weird about being all out there in the open, there's so many creepers. I have a separate private account for myself 3y
  •   bullynemo @ideas4yall lurker! it's there though, and on Javi's page too. 3y

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