joshjohnson - #JJ INSTATIPS - ••••••• Isolate Your Subject ••••••• I think this is the most important skill you can learn. If a picture doesn't work, more often than not, you haven't clearly defined and isolated your subject. Here are a few tips that will help you take concise and compelling pictures. -Know what you want to say. Ask yourself "What is this picture about?" If you don't know, move on. -Pay close attention to the background. Distracting backgrounds ruin so many pictures I see. I love to shoot into a shady background. A background that is darker than your subject will not only clearly define it, it also creates a pleasing sense of depth. -Get in close. Filling the frame with your subject is one of the most simple and effective ways to isolate it. -Leading lines are a more subtle way to guide your viewers eye to the subject. Google "leading lines" and you'll find examples of this technique. -Vignetting. I LOVE to vignette. A subtle darkening of the outside of your picture will bring attention to you subject. The free Luminance app has a great vignetting tool. -Depth of field. This is a hard one on an iPhone but it can be done. If you get very close to a subject with a distant background, you will get a blurry background. Our eye is drawn to things that are relatively sharp. You've just isolated your subject.
Give one of these tips a try the next time you're shooting. They really help.
If you've got a shot that illustrates some of these ideas tag it #jj_isolate. Let us know in the comments of your picture how you think your shot applies .
  •   richtatum @rohitkorde Hack away! You afraid to go extreme so that you can learn. I do think subtlety wins very often, but very often, also, taking things turn Xtreme can produce results you did not expect – and this teaches you something. It teaches you not only about the app that you're using, and how it affects your images, but it also teaches you different ways of visualizing your images and what kind of effect you ultimately want to achieve with postprocessing. Some people are "purists," only editing for crop and composition. Other people are filter extremists who produce images barely recognizable from their genesis. Most fall somewhere in between. All of the approaches are valid in and of themselves, but if you go extreme, just be intentional about it and know that it's what you want to do. Usually, though, going extreme is too easy at first and can create an "overproduced" feel to an image. So I recommend subtlety until you master the controls, then push yourself to the extremes to your hearts desire. It's like learning to drive: you drive slow at first, until you master the basics and learn the reflexes, then you go faster. Fast drivers, of course, can drive slow – but inexperienced drivers are not advised to drive the Indy 500 until they have learned. :-) 2y
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  •   samanthasam77 @joshjohnson I am fairly new to instagram and am only just learning really how to use instagram. What is the 1 2 3 rule and how can I get more people to see/view my work. Please. I love your work and would appreciate any help I can get. Thanks. 2y
  •   dj_johnsonn Thanks for the tips! A great app for getting good depth of field is camera+! 2y
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