joshjohnson Keeping it Real with Emily!
@ohemg87 here to let y'all know, coffees on and it's time to rise and shine! I'm really enjoying see y'all get your caffeine (and other drinks) on with your pals this weekend! Isn't it great to just stop for a bit and let life settle?

This lovely image by @kristinenor seems to suggest a clearing of space...slow down, de-clutter your mind, and rest for a few minutes. Beautiful. Thanks for keeping it real, Kristine.

This weekend I challenged y'all to stop, drop and drink some coffee (tea, dr. pepper, whatever!) with a friend (spouse, neighbor, whoever!). Snap a picture and tag it to #jj_keepingitreal_004, and let me know what your having and who your having it with.

You've got until Monday morning! Ready....GO!

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