•   jenbot @yoitsmafia you just let me know when my love!! 3y
  •   fijizzle @jenbot Omg, I went in hard on froyo tonight. Fell in love with this new vanilla/macadamia nut flavor. #yummers! 3y
  •   jenbot @fijizzle The chai flavour is yumballs!!! 3y
  •   misshuong @jenbot okay.. So youve been posting a lot of these fro whatever things.. WHAT IS IT? Looks so good. 3y
  •   misshuong Frozen yoghurt? Where? 3y
  •   jenbot @misshuong You'll get hooked! I have one almost everyday! It's on Carlisle Street near my house. 3y
  •   selwebb I want one! 3y
  •   jenbot @srcam909 seriously good! Aaaaaaand free wifi, my two favourite words. 3y

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