adamjoelsmith Choo Choos on a Checkerboard. During his own party at the fire station, the birthday boy slipped away from the heard to plays with his new sleek little train set. I love this little introvert:) 3y
  •   jasonfitzzz Thanks man! I'm gonna have to keep that idea up the sleeve for bday #3! If you don't mind ;) 3y
  •   stevebpics Brilliant shot.. So good Adam.. 3y
  •   alliszia Adam <3 3y
  •   animario Awesome. 3y
  •   salseye wonderful adam 3y
  •   olliesmae Rad 3y
  •   nayelylm Your pictures inspire me so much :) @adamjoelsmith 3y
  •   bilgi_b Check out the asperger syndrome for him... He has all the signs for it. And btw aspergers are way to intelligent with usually one or two obsessive intetest (train and music for Coen maybe). They ate introverts but enjoys giving endless speaches on their favorite subjects. And they don't like at all sleeping... I love aspergers 2y

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