lollyjaneblog My handout for tomorrow's lesson on dating. "Try lot of flavors before you make your choice" Wish me luck! #YW #YoungWomens 2y
  •   richelleandcody Such a fun lesson! 2y
  •   kristelis Go Kell! You'll do great :))) 2y
  •   ashleeharman Is it weird that I just wanted to stand up in the middle of your lesson and yell out, "this is an amazing lesson??!" I'm glad I refrained, but seriously it was so good, Kelli! 2y
  •   karnett17 Perfect handouts! How did it go today? 2y
  •   bethmartineau Your whole lesson idea was awesome! I hope it went well! You do an incredible job with those girls! 2y
  •   sassystaci14 What a cute idea! 2y
  •   lollyjaneblog @alliekh Thanks Allie!!! I appreciate that, girly!! (: 2y
  •   lollyjaneblog @ashleeharman Thanks Ash!! You're such a comfort to me!! @karnett17 It was a fun lesson, we missed you! I need to talk to you about Wed btw!! @izzybelle777 You should for sure, and I'm glad you changed your mind about participating ;) @bethmartineau You're so sweet Beth!' 2y

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