coalatree #crabpeople at our favorite spot in #baltimore. Best people, best food. 2y
  •   johnnyrough My hometown Baltimore to filmore til I die 2y
  •   josheden10 Thanks for coming in fellas 2y
  •   coalatree @josheden10 thanks for the good vibes my friend 2y
  •   organicgardengirl3 @coalatree Hey guys I'm only an hour away. Lol 2y
  •   oneadaymens Oh shit you guys are in town? You shipped me a box of clothes a couple weeks ago...I'm that dude who got a koala with a headdress on my arm. Hope you're enjoying your stay! 2y
  •   charlie_coalatree @oneadaymens we are gonna be visiting shops tomorrow. What's it plans? We should grab some late lunch 2y
  •   charlie_coalatree @josheden10 thanks you guys, amazing! 2y
  •   oneadaymens @charliedank1 I'm watching the ravens game until 3 or so, but let me know where you guys are after that. I can at least point you in the direction of some good eats. 540-539-9929. 2y

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