audkawa second play of Fallout3. strange pause. 3y
  •   reneosegueda Hey audrey if you were edible what would you taste like ? @audkawa 3y
  •   hallowette Arghhhh good choice, my favourite game ever!!!! 3y
  •   seikemaniac Best game ever! I remember the part egen you're going to "save" a girls' bro from cannibals and when they explain to you who they are I answered "Ah, I get it! You're vampire!" he were just like "no we're not vampires ... Of the 2 if us, you're supposed to be the sane one ... " 3y
  •   sean9lugo Love that game, need to play as an angel to get the achievements 3y
  •   krispin41 Best game ever!! 3y
  •   rkraiza I miss fallout 3. 3y
  •   shaunasquared My favorite game ever @audkawa 3y
  •   dbrown0526 I love you and all the people givin fallout some love! Thank you all 3y

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