strombo Tons. 3y
  •   lannon787 My piano never had those things on it! 3y
  •   mrheide Nice. A classic American toy gun. Stand down people. 3y
  •   janellerawsome You following Roxette in Canada too!? Dang buddy... Alice Cooper needs to join this tour. And Wednesday 13. Roxette shall do their music. A.C. And W13 cover Roxette... World Peace is declared because we all are jiving on awesome... Everybody's nads are pumped and satiated. Ego is nonexistent. We are all content... Oh shit! Sorry buddy! That was meant for Penthouse Letters. Its cool. Im glad you got to hear it too!! Love ya bud! Xo :D 3y
  •   ritasummerstar Omg love this pic!! 3y
  •   letigre74 @strombo shout out from Calgary! 3y
  •   ashleylaventure Rambo. 3y
  •   movethrough Ammunition = A musician 3y
  •   therealyarkoo Music is your safest bet! 1y

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