oakleafandacorn For sale $500. Includes box, papers and hang tag. 2y
  •   markiantosca That's a super good deal. 2y
  •   americanstan Damn. I wish! 2y
  •   oakleafandacorn @subasko just texted a few. Let me know if you got em. 2y
  •   subasko Text @oakleafandacorn ? Uhm...No. 2y
  •   oakleafandacorn @subasko must have been your work number. I just emailed the pics to you. 2y
  •   sactomatic Great price and clean as fuck 2y
  •   benjaminlentine I was hoping this was one of those like this and win it things haha 2y
  •   subasko Thanks for the email. It's a great looking watch. It's tempting but I've made some recent purchases that has made a big dent in the pocket so I'll have to sadly wish it was mine. 2y

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