transitionpete Sammy *really* wants this kayak! // just perusing the #REI used gear sale 2y
  •   nee_ner I want to buy one. Rented a couple of tines 2y
  •   nee_ner Anyone have any suggestions for ocean? 2y
  •   obeypusitposse Sister and bro in law bought an inflatable one for about $400. Went kayaking at this lake for the first time a few months ago with it, and now I want one. Pretty peaceful out there listening to the water and nothing else. 2y
  •   mstarrx2 Love the Rei used equip. sale! 2y
  •   cimbaro We are saving up to buy kayaks! Did you buy it? 2y
  •   transitionpete @cimbaro .. oh no, no way can I afford or justify such a purchase! 2y
  •   lolomah i really want that kayak too 2y

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