sarahmclaughlin Satisfying my veggie craving! Threw steamed broccoli and carrots in the food processor with some cooked Lima beans and black beans, tomato, bell pepper, cilantro, nutritional yeast, turmeric, and lime juice And pulsed until smooth enough for me to eat. Yum! 2y
  •   massachucie Look at you getting so creative!!! Hope you're healing well and back to chewing in no time!! 2y
  •   sarahmclaughlin @massachucie thanks! I managed to eat oatmeal this morning and some mashed blueberries so that was good! I also ate half a Luna soft fiber bar in little pieces for a snack so I'm almost back. 2y
  •   roxy_the_rescue Oh that sucks!!! You'll have to make it again when you can eat a wrap :) 2y
  •   sarahmclaughlin @littlebearadrienne I definitely will! Hoping I will be able to chew again by Monday. Maybe not an apple or carrot or anything hard but at least some food 2y
  •   roxy_the_rescue That has got to be terrible. :( 2y
  •   sarahmclaughlin @littlebearadrienne it was ok the first day because I could eat frozen yogurt or ice cream whenever I wanted but I'm sick of it now lol oh well at least I only have to go through this once 2y
  •   roxy_the_rescue Yeah there is only so much frozen yogurt you can eat and I hate ice cream anyways. :( how much longer until you can eat normal again? 2y
  •   sarahmclaughlin @littlebearadrienne it all depends on me but in 3 more days I should be back to normal 2y

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