cookiesncandies It's a tough job being a woman. What do you think? #instahub #webstagram 2y
  •   alifeunhurried We have it much easier today than the women of 'yesterday'. Today, we have options. Plenty of options, I think. As with anything, we can make it as difficult or as easy as we'd like. No? I'm just grateful. :) Going back to the sign, every line rings true, although I've no idea how to think like a man! 2y
  •   lina1629 So true... of course our grandmothers and mothers had other difficulties but nowdays women hace other challenges! 2y
  •   cookiesncandies @alifeunhurried have to agree with you there. It's so easy to moan abt how tough our life is but it's nothing compare to the previous generations nor others who are in worse circumstances. 2y
  •   findmeamuse Lol. We really got a tough deal 2y

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