nylonmag Beautiful illustrations from Claire Barrow #fashioneast #nylonfw #lfw 3y
  •   itslaurafrances What is this model's name? She's wickedly pretty. 3y
  •   heredrinkthis I think she's pretty. She does have a "Classic" look. 3y
  •   americanhelen One can be educated and still be ignorant, be plastic and hideously ugly, be loud and unheard. This is someone else's art. She just posed for it. Yes, everyone is entitled to an opinion but, why be loud and potentially hurtful with no remorse. Some people think highly of themselves for all the wrong reasons. I won't name anyone but, in my rightful opinion, that fake, loud, ignorant excuse for a woman, is one of the ugliest I've ever seen. Also appears to be more than a little insecure about who she is on the inside. 3y
  •   angelinashes @lisatomkeddie is not ugly. I love her big pretty eyes. In fact she looks a lot better than you @_veronicabeckham you and your personality are trashy. And @missvalbeckham just looks like a man. This model is getting paid top dollar to have her appearance photographed. Are either of you? 3y
  •   valerizzie And u look obese that's why u have half of a face picture ur fat ass face takes the whole picture get ur followers up and ur weight down @ilovenimbus 3y
  •   angelinashes Oh gee if only I had as many followers as @missvalbeckham because we all know that determines the value of a human being. I'll take fat over looking or speaking like you any day. 3y
  •   starryrocket @_veronicabeckham @missvalbeckham funny how you totally trash a prettly looking girl when you're both on private while you dig through @lisatomkeddie 's photos and trash her too. You both look like you're wearing too much make-up and look about 35+ years old. So leave the model, who looks about 18 or so, alone. It's not a crime to be opinionated, but it's incredibly rude and low class to trash others and be so rude about your "opinions". 3y
  •   aaamberrr Her eyes! 3y

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