•   nageshkr Awesome!! 3y
  •   jocope Love the shadow! 3y
  •   creativehunter03 oh, lovin' this shot. which decim8 selection did you use? are you ever going to join us for a meet-up? having one this Thurs. evening. 3y
  •   rugfoot Thanks @jocope @creativehunter03 blitbomb pls blender. Would love to meet up soon! But Thursdays I have the class any other time! Keep me looped! 3y
  •   carolynaz Awesome! I really need to play with this app 3y
  •   dplblog Yeah, this is a really great combo of techniques. Nice, nice image. 3y
  •   dmfarrell Loving the block effect in this 3y

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