instibraid This is my braid. Tag your photos of your braids to #instabraidcontest for the chance for a shoutout! 3y
  •   breakurlegs @r00fus I'm not sure if popularity is the reason or not. But exactly. They have more crime then we ever did. When we were young yes ten is wayyyy too young for a cell phone. However, now, if my son went out, I would give him one. 3y
  •   r00fus @breakuhleg to go out he can have mine because I'll be with his father, but to own one, mainly because of bullying & that ambushing (jeez!) no not yet not at 14. In MY opinion though! It's crazy, a 14 year old is terrified of her "friends", because she's going to get jumped? That's wrong. So wrong 3y
  •   breakurlegs @r00fus exactly! Poor girls. 3y
  •   ladybailey84 Omg!!! BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! But I like the braid though... lol 3y
  •   cescaluna Geez, what the heck is all the drama? It's not the fact that the kids are too young to have phones, some kids just don't know how to be nice. Or if they do, something's going on with the kid. That's all. People are just being nosy and wanting to start fights on INSTAGRAM on a picture of a freaking BRAID. Do what kids in the stone ages did and fight in person. 3y
  •   squigley123 Guys stop fighting about YOUR opinion this is a braid................ 3y
  •   d.allasandro BAHAHAH i was stalking this account (because I'm very bored) and reading these comments. @r00fus of course you don't want your kid to have a phone, he might wind up like @cat_carlson and have to spend his day getting comments from bitches like you! 3y

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