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WHAT IS #JJ? - We are a creative community. With over twenty million images submitted to more than four hundred events a year, we believe #JJ is the most passionate and active group of photographers in the world. A global network, excited about mobile photography. #JJ is our handle on Instagram .
WHY #JJ ? - That's up to you? Taking pictures is fun. For some of us however, photography has become more than a hobby .
What a wonderful surprise. For us, the process of documenting our story pulls us out of our heads and back into the full experience of our lives. Before, many of us simply made it through. Not any more. Now we carefully wait on what life brings. Good and bad, we watch. Watch and capture. We don't coast anymore. Life is now big. Beautifully full. #JJ reminds us. . . keep watching. .
A tiny camera and simple app. Who knew? .
WHERE IS #JJ? - We are Instagramers. Follow the @joshjohnson account on Instagram. You will receive content from leaders in the photography community. Forums, contests, tips, discussions, app reviews, mobile photography news and more. And now, we are excited to announce the development of an app that will create a special space for us within Instagram. Stay tuned for details in the coming months on how you can be a part of this project .
WHEN DO I JOIN IN AT #JJ? - That's up to you. We are a global community, so we share images 24 hours a day. You can browse content on @joshjohnson or search for great images in the daily gallery. Anytime you need inspiration, check the @jj_editors accounts. You will find the best images submitted to the #JJ community .

HOW DO I JOIN IN AT #JJ? - Start today by submitting an image in our #JJ daily forum. Every morning, we post a new theme. Simply follow the instructions on the post to add your images to the day's gallery. When we submit images to the forum we follow the 1-2-3 rule. For every image we tag, we comment on two and like three
  •   littlecoal @justkellycraig Kelly, I'm going to thank you again for such kind words. I had several comments "eaten" today! 4y
  •   justkellycraig Weird @littlecoal, but IG has been glitchy a bit lately!! You are very welcome and I mean what I say, Eric. 4y
  •   supernovagirl Wow instagram really doesn't want to post my comment... Third try and it still won't show :/ 4y
  •   supernovagirl I want to address the issue of people abusing hashtags in order to get likes. I've seen people abusing the jj and jj_forum tags only to get more likes. It's frustrating because this is an artistic community. Any thoughts you guys? @joshjohnson @jj_editors 4y

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