paramore Studio fuel 2y
  •   umbraluxx I LOVE this stuff, and u guys. 2y
  •   nikigoesfreaky It's Belgian (flemish) stuff and it's yummy! We call it 'speculaas' or sometimes 'speculoos' and it's made out of those cookies we get when 'sinterklaas' comes and brings presents when we sleep (like santa)! But they made paste of it to eat on your bread in the morning ^^ 2y
  •   annalee.s101 Isn't that from trader joes...if so ITS DELICIOUS 11mon
  •   saylorsoul @loveu257 I agree 11mon
  •   vanessa.arsene @kyla.james 🌚this makes me luke them 70 x more 4mon
  •   kyla.james @a._.vanessa 4mon
  •   mychemicalfreakinromance That is heaven in a jar 3w

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