snookinic Love of my lifeeeeee! 2y
  •   arthouse1 You guys are going to break up. End of this year. Pretty soon. 2y
  •   amy_nicole_allen @arthouse1 I agree, unfortunately. 2y
  •   tammy.anna_ How come yall say that ?! stop hating ! is the was gonna break up why would they get engaged && have a kid !!? yall make no sense yall just that shes all shes all happy well them..... !! :) js @arthouse1 @jamycraballen 2y
  •   tammy.anna_ they* && hating * lol i forgot to put that 2y
  •   v.jxn @snookinic you both are the cutest couple 2y
  •   megghaan__ I love you snooki your forreal my idol <3 @snookinic 2y
  •   wheye is that jionni??? :0 2y
  •   alh3gawe والله حاجبه احسن من حاجبج 2y

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