adrielbooker Bokoro's Story. One of the most important things I've ever written. Please take five minutes to read about her, digest the images, consider her life (and other women like her), and consider your own life. This is so, so important. #givethemavoice #maternalhealth #developingnations 3y
  •   lauralyyy Wow agree it really brings out oen life into perspective. Those pictures bring it home, you are doing amazing work and thankyou for letting us follow along. 3y
  •   lauralyyy Own* 3y
  •   adrielbooker @evenifnomatterwhat @heybuddyman So true. I couldn't agree more. @lauralyyy Did your first comment post? Not sure what you said but all I see is "own". :) 3y
  •   lauralyyy It is up on my screen lol but I was saying that it really brings our own lives into perspective and that you are doing an amazing job :) thanks 3y
  •   adrielbooker @lauralyyy Not sure why it didn't post, but now your one word comment makes a bit more sense. ;) And yes, perspective indeed. 3y
  •   leezzaah Beautiful, beautiful story, i stumbled upon it today and its really moving! 3y

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