instagramfitness No Matter the Odds... > FINAL #Fitness4Cure story. Meet @ajourneytolean, both unique & fitspirational. You'd never know it by looking at these pics, but she wasn't always this fit & active. Four years ago on Dec 13th she was diagnosed with a relatively rare form of #cancer called Retroperitoneal Sarcoma, a type of stomach cancer. With a survival rate at 50% at 5 years with surgery, she didn't have many options. When the doctors went to remove what they thought was a cyst on her ovary, they discovered 2 more tumors on her back but they were unable to remove them due to size and because her aorta ran thru it. Chemotherapy only carried an 11% success rate and she did not want to be sick while raising her 2 children especially while her husband was deployed. "5 years..." That's what she kept thinking in her mind. Initially she became depressed and smoke, drank and ate unhealthy foods. But then one day she made a decision to STOP and fight back! She vowed to give her kids the best years she has while she is still living. She attributes much of her strength to her newly discovered faith in God. She stopped drinking & smoking and started exercising. She fell completely in love with fitness and the muscle-mind connection. Her outlook today: "I may have ten years, I may have one year. But every day, I want to be the best version of me possible." Powerful. She wants her legacy to be known as someone who is vibrant and loving life. She wants to teach her children what it means to be a fighter in life, no matter the odds against them. And for those reasons and more, #Fitspiration Friday belongs to her. NO MATTER THE ODDS - live life to the fullest & FIGHT BACK. 09.14.12 #motivation 3y

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