fredvanschie Chilling in Palm Springs for the weekend. Thanks @kellyvanschie for finding this #groupon deal. 4y
  •   fredvanschie I geo-tagged it for peeps like you @shusterman, come on now.... I'm trying to relax here haha! 4y
  •   craigmetzger I bet it's nice and cool in Palm Springs. A cool 120 degrees. #heatwave 4y
  •   fredvanschie @craigmetzger Today and tomorrow is pretty much the same temperature in Costa Mesa. Gotta love it! 4y
  •   shusterman Haha! First off, Posh didn't sound like a hotel name and secondly, what are you doing on instagram in the first place if you're trying to relax?! Ha!! @fredvanschie 4y

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