•   beshso الشعب السعودي هنا :) 7mon
  •   rickschuck 7mon
  •   _nicolashvuitton Lady Gaga everytime i think about meeting you i cry! My name is Nicole Guadarrama and im 19. I currently live in New Castle Delaware. Lady Gaga ive been your fan since i was 13 which was from your first hit single "Just Dance". Lady Gaga my only wishes in life is to have a successful job and to meet you! I Swear if i won the lottory i would pay at least one hour of your time to just spend time with you. You are my motivation to do good. You are my inspiration! I was bullied throughtout my years in middle and high school. It was tough but listening to your music made me stronger!! Especially when i went through boot camp for JROTC. My mother prays for me to meet you one day soo you can help me make my wishes come true. 1. To meet you and talk to you for at least 10 minutes and 2. For you to help me pay Fashion school so maybe one day i will be able to help you design outfits and become part of the Hous of the Gaga team!!!! That is a dream Job or just even to help you stay organized , help you change etc. Lady Gaga please make my dream come true !!!!!!!!! 7mon
  •   asimhnf @matthew011589 poor her don't know how to walk 7mon
  •   som_sh_ @_nicolashvuitton wow that was tough! 6mon
  •   ifyouseekalan @_nicolashvuitton did you meet her at artRAVE? 5mon
  •   gagafan1982 4mon

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