•   sust11 Sexy love you 1y
  •   _mattaayyyy @treleparc I know I probably will not get a reply from this, but I'm just letting you know that you are my inspiration , you help me dream and push me and my friends peruse our passion for music and green day are the only thing we all have and will never give up, just letting you know, thank you Guys, thank you :) x 1y
  •   youlldancetoanything Hawtt 1y
  •   ilovenewdrums cool pants 1y
  •   teach_me_how_ The best drummer in the world !! :-) 11mon
  •   bitchable I dress like you omg, and you're the sexiest drummer alive 10mon
  •   i_just_wanna_live__xo Just look at that butt @treleparc 7mon
  •   sra_unoxx Nice pants Tré 5mon

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