alphacat Literally went through some Inception ish. I have a meeting this morning and kept dreaming i was waking up hours late. It kept repeating. I finally woke up realizing Im actually up way too early, didnt get nearly enough sleep and cant fall back asleep. #Inception FML #tired 3y
  •   nia_beeyah I hate when that happens. Have a great meeting today though! 3y
  •   uran_ia Happened today.... Woke up at 4:30 for no reason and stayed awake -___- 3y
  •   shakealc That's been happening to me a lot lately 3y
  •   rock_aholic No matter which angle I turn my look like a totally different person in this pic 0.o 3y
  •   runwayready_mua Sleepy or not... you still look hot! *In my Dr. Seuss voice* 3y
  •   alexis.wright367 The same thing happened to me this morning!! Only I fell back asleep and woke up late  3y
  •   _jayleaaaa I agree with @Rock_Aholic, I did the same thing like, "Who is this?" 3y
  •   msmckeithan Gnite 3y

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