ciara Caught N The Moment Last Night on the way 2 the Clurrb:) 3y
  •   mrsixfooteight @CIARA... HOW TALL ARE YOU? 3y
  •   coffeenuts326 Nice pics 3y
  •   _ebonyrene_ U Look Like Tyra On Thiss Pic 3y
  •   rudejudex @n_god_itrust and when did u get so fat? have a seat pig 2y
  •   kalipv31 Lol it's called no sun in the winter time it's very common for ppl of red bone decent to be light when they are not exposed to sun. But as soon as the sun hits the brown sunkist cinnamon completion sets its just a #lightskin person prob that's what makes darker ppl who don't embrace their beautiful skin so mad when they compare. We r all beautifully different @n_god_itrust mind your harsh critiques ur words should be a representation of ur title I'm Haitian and crucian I get almost white looking it makes me look sick being up in New England 2y
  •   niallxclifford 1,2 step I love it when you 1,2 step @perryanne2000 2y
  •   youngjoe813 Too fine!!! 2y
  •   1993_till_infinity Why are u so fine Ciara 2y

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