joshhighland I've owned every model, not stopping now. 2y
  •   jasonxkeller I'm sad. 2y
  •   noisecycles Is ot gonna be good, thinking of going to the other side 2y
  •   jasonxkeller Korea is expected to have it in October after Korea's big brother approves the device. 2y
  •   wendyvc Hahaha! Was just asking Amy about ore ordering 2y
  •   jseo I have mixed feelings. Is it worth it?? 2y
  •   joshhighland @jseo it depends. Basically it's taller and faster. That's it. The 4s will run all the same software. 2y
  •   jseo I like faster.... 2y
  •   markerarts Me too! Well, not the first gen. Dodged a bullet on that one. 2y

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