thedesignfiles Who signed off on this!? Chunky zig zag building. :( 3y
  •   nataliejeffcott just wait and see what they've earmarked to do to North Melbourne 3y
  •   michaelfrazzetto The best place for housing is along our tram lines, not more sprawl in berwick.. and that brown concrete is going to be painted charcoal. 3y
  •   victoria_reeves Affordable compared to a terrace house at least.... 3y
  •   wfeagins Potential customers for Mr Wilkinson's? 3y
  •   dksy And then no-one can get on the already overcrowded trams! Infrastructure can't keep up with development. Plus it's a tad.. well.. ugly @michaelfrazetto 3y
  •   thedesignfiles Phew glad to hear the brown will be charcoal... I was wondering about that it seemed a bit inconsistent with the marketing pics! @michaelfrazzetto 3y
  •   jackhutchings They look like you can swing about a third of a cat on those 'balconys'. No setback is a major setback too. Too high for surrounding street scape. Major clusterf**k. 3y
  •   sarah_toohey Yes of course @victoria_reeves! had my wrong "affordable housing" hat on. 3y

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