theodorekaye At a gas station in southern Uzbekistan 3y
  •   theodorekaye I was in Denau. Back in Dushanbe now @bobbybukharian 3y
  •   bukharianboy @_meanwhile did you cross into Tajikistan via Panjakent crossing or is there another way? And also are there any trains from Uzbekistan to Tajikistan? Or are relations that bad that there aren't any 3y
  •   theodorekaye The Panjikent crossing is still closed, I believe. I think @reibai & @farflungistan were trying to cross there a few weeks back. Train traffic is mostly cargo and often stalled on either side. @bobbybukharian 3y
  •   reibai Panjikent will be closed for the forcible future (the Uzbek side now has a brick wall built across it) according to various agencies in Samarkand and Panjikent (well, the 6 I contacted). The only way there from Samarkand is via Sariosiyo & Dushanbe (@_meanwhile did this one recently) or via Tashkent & Oybek (which myself and @farflungistan did). Oybek is suuuper smooth (getting through both sides took ~ 45 minutes...the length of time depending on how fast you can write your Uzbek exit paperwork and walk 150 meters). @bobbybukharian 3y
  •   reibai And I would not recommended any cross-border trains in all of Central Asia. We did the Tashkent / Kazakhstan one and it took 5 hours (just in immigration) for both borders.... @_meanwhile @bobbybukharian @farflungistan 3y
  •   bukharianboy @_meanwhile @reibai thanks for the info guys! Rahmati kalon/katta rahmat! Can't wait one day to visit my moms homeland! What did you all think of Samarkand compared to every other city in central Asia. And lol of course I'm gonna give more credit to it because it's where my family is from 3y
  •   reibai I preferred Isfahan in the Islamic Republic of Iran myself. I imagine Samarkand was similar years ago and without the Soviet influence. @bobbybukharian @_meanwhile 3y
  •   bukharianboy @reibai I meant out cities in former soviet central Asia. I have no plans to visit Iran while it's still an Islamic republic being that I've been to Israel and don't support their regime. Isfahan, Shiraz, Nishapur and Mashhad are beautiful cities, but I won't be visiting anytime soon sadly 3y

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