kristinrogers Documenting her favorite find from today... Navanax Sea slug. #ilovehomeschooling #naturejournal 2y
  •   justkaryl Ok...this is a very innocent question and i hope it doesn't sound rude. But what's a nature journal for? I know you said to document. But is it just ones preference? Or is it something educational? 2y
  •   auburnsoul Cool thanks! 2y
  •   alison_winter Thanks for the tips 2y
  •   kristinrogers @karyl125 :) it's part of our homeschooling curriculum .... It's main purpose is to help nurture observation. When you document a bird for example, we are learning the shape of the bill, tail, color of the chest or wing, eye ring color...etc. you notice these things so you know what to document and this develops appreciation to detail and also helps to memorize what you journal. 2y
  •   justkaryl Gotcha! Its really pretty too! 2y
  •   susetoo 2y
  •   jendydees Cute drawing:) 2y
  •   bethannfrueh @kristinrogers I'm a public school teacher, and I loove your feed. It reminds me of the heart of education, why I became a teacher in the first place. The minds of our children are tender flames that must be ignited with a passion for learning based on their everyday experiences. Unfortunately, lawmakers don't seem to value that. Your feed inspires me to find ways to make learning unique and personal in my classroom, despite the rigid guidelines of our public education system. Thank you! 2y

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