lollyjaneblog Dear twin initiated this purchase, thanks @kristelis! I promise I will try to figure this complicated beast out! ;) #happymail #DSLR #IStinkAtNotUsingAuto 3y
  •   ragin_vida How did u not have a camera already? Haha :D 3y
  •   azstacy I'll help u out. I looked up the difference between mine and yours. Looks like urs doesn't do a self lens clean so u may have to have it serviced once in a while and you can't take 1080i HD video. That 50mm is a must especially for blogging. I'm sure that's why @kristelis loves it so. 3y
  •   princefive5 Weeeeee! Kris is the best!!! Come take pics of my kids at their sports will ya?!!! 3y
  •   thehappyscraps Totally jealous, but SOOO happy for you! @lollyjanekelli 3y
  •   lollyjaneblog @azstacy But mine does take video which is nice, my old Canon didn't! I'd love a mini class for real!! Thanks! @amyhappyscraps I know, she spoils me. Everyone needs a @kristelis in their lives (: @prince112200 Surely!! 3y
  •   lfoulgerhaught I've been eyeing that camera! I want one! 3y
  •   lollyjaneblog @lfoulgerhaught It was on sale on Zuilily! 3y
  •   lfoulgerhaught Oh really!? I wonder if it still is. It's on sale at costco too.. 3y

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