patricknorton Drugs Production 3y
  •   rogaecia PDX!!! 3y
  •   patricknorton @nikkirx1 @rogaecia Capitol Hill, Seattle actually. 3y
  •   rogaecia Head south- get it from the source :) 3y
  •   n1farwell Sorry my bad for some reason I thought I was told it was a local coffee around here. Its every where if your downtown and on the westside. I have never had it I head its good! I will be downtown tmrrw I will try it then! 3y
  •   elisef67 All your photos are amazing. I love your subject matter and perspective. You certainly do get around to get all these great shots! 3y
  •   khoshniaz Cool 3y
  •   wwnbrl The pic, It's Shout Out for you. 3y

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