ampt AMPT Street photo by Stan @stan_c


It isn't hard to find this picture location...Manhattan,New York City!
I've been there only 10 days in July and I couldn't stop shooting photos.
This one is particular because I saw this guy not far from here the night before in front of a church. I imagine he was homeless and he stare at me with an incredible look on his face when I passed in front of him. I don't usually do homeless's pictures because I don't feel confortable with the idea. But there was something so intense with his look, I wanted to go back and shoot a picture but 1/ night=no light 2/I was exposed and had no way to turn back and put my phone in front of him without being caught...
I came back home and forget it.
The next morning, 50meters from my hotel, I saw him again in Park Avenue.
The adress above him was like a provocation.I knew there was something.So I decided to cross the street and do this shot.

This is really an iphone shot for me because I couldn't have done it with a camera.Too obvious.
What I do in this case, and I know I'm not the only one (I think I spoke with @thomas_k about this) is faking a phone call...(ridiculous cause I use to say always the same thing and I'm not a really good actor " yeah.....yeah....uhuh...yeah...ok...see you man..bye") and when I'm at a good distance, I bring the phone in front of me, frame , focus and shoot like if I was clicking on "end call".... Process:
Always the same editing....
-cameraplus pro for the shooting because I want to manage focus&aperture separately.
-dynamiclight so I have better details in highlights without too dark blacks...
-snapseed for crop 1:1/ drama effect (in love with this) / +50% details.
-adobePsExpress for this black framing I use since the begining on Instagram...and sometimes -20 aperture or +10contrast because I like a little bit darker&heavier than he has to be

99% of my shots have this same process...I only change percentage...

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