theellenshow Little Big Town's stage. #ellenseason10 4y
  •   theal3jandra Ellen .. Ellen is fun Ellen is nice Ellen the Degeneres will be glad to bring me light the show had began so soon as the time fly .bring hope to people lives. One day I'll be in your stage so I can sing and be glade to stay.i want to be there for you can bring my life upside up and turn me into a celebrity. Bring hope is what Ellen would do.!! From your truly friend Alejandra Garcia. If you want to text me back go to (nerdyalejandra) and you will find me there!! 4y
  •   shhaaannon ELLENNNNNN! If you EVERRR EVER EVER EVERRRRR have one direction on your show you NEEEEEEEEEEED TO TELL ME ASAP! I love them more than anythingggg and they have help me achieve my goals and get to where I am today through music. I'm 13 and from CA. I have been playing soccer since as log as I can remember and started playing Comp in 2nd grade. (Most people start in 4th or 5th) today, I am on an elite soccer team with college scouts, Nike sponsors, and Olympic scouts. Their lyrics to their songs have helped me so much and I just NEED to see them! Thank you! I watch you like everyday an you always make me laugh! 4y
  •   ashannnon I love u ellen so much can I please be on ur show I will do anything I mean anything for u I promise u inspire me so much u are so special to me I watch ur show every single day that I can and when it is on u inspire everyone even me i know u pick certaint people but can that be me and I really badly want to see @justinbieber I am his biggest fan ever I really badly want to see u and him @theellenshow 3y

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