tiffanyish I love freshly washed make up brushes. 3y
  •   konayipark have you posted before about your washing technique/ingredients? 3y
  •   1smileygirl That's what I need to do 3y
  •   lovexlemonade I love Eco Tools brushes! 3y
  •   tiffanyish @jmpwiji I've been loving eco tools lately! Really great price and just love the quality of their brushes. They have good sets you can buy. You can find them at most drugstores, I think! I might do a blog post of my favorite brushes. I also love Stila brushes. 3y
  •   tiffanyish @konayipark I haven't but I can! I'll do a post about my favorite brushes and how I was them. thanks! 3y
  •   tiffanyish @lovexlemonade me too! They are a recent find but I'm loving them. 3y
  •   apetitediva You've inspired me to wash mines now! Thanks chica. 3y
  •   konayipark @tiffanyish great, thanks! looking forward to a future post about brush maintenance! 3y

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