kingjames Conditioning on the field #striveforgreatness 3y
  •   kingsnoop7 @kingjames A SPORT I WIILL MAKE YOU LOOK CRAZY IN , football Lolz let me know when you ready 757-256-4741 ( snoop) 2y
  •   dee_revere What's your 40? 2y
  •   tylarbeninit Hey Mr. James! I am a really big fans of your and I want to you ti know that everyone it hating on you when they talk about you. I just want to you to know that I play basketball too and not to brag but I am really good I think I habe been working really hard for 2 years and I think also with everyone else that I have improved a lot . I really wish I could get time to 1 meet the best basketball player and 2 get one on one time to get little tips from you. I really love your game and I would love for you to watch mines but I have a little game film but I am wondering if you could email me to get some better game film and I would love if you could give me little tips. It IS MY LIFE LONG DREAM TO MEET AN AWESOME BASKETBALL PLAYER LIKE YOU! I REALLY HOPE YOU TAKE THE TIME TO READ THOS AND REALLY GET THROUGH TO ME. please please please 2y
  •   _b.j.a Love conditionoing 2y
  •   yahh.yah @_mrbig11 @iaintswavey__yet !! Grinding !! 2y
  •   treydub6 Like a BOSS @_jerryyyy_ 2y
  •   brokeboydestine Add radio action on playlist 2y
  •   franktwen I got a question for you Lebron. First I wanna say you my idol and I look up to you. My question is that what would you do if most of your friends that you've been playing soccer with for about 14 years have been getting Drafted to go pro the past three years? Mind you I have accomplish championships at every level I have played as an amateur player and was the best player on any of the teams I played on. But most of the professional teams don't wanna give me a chance because of my height (5'5) which I think it's not fair. So what will be your advice for me? 2y

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