cubbygraham @KramerR is one of my best friends. And it is #BecauseOfYou______ that I am who I am. Kramer has been monumental in my life & I couldn't imagine life without him. Love ya Buddy! 3y
  •   kramerr @xromashkax @cubbygraham I picked it up @AllSaints but the brand is "not for sale". It is an organization that fights human trafficking! Great cause! 3y
  •   cubbygraham So sick @kramerr. Love it man 3y
  •   miazuzunara One thing that my dad told me a long time ago was.."in ur life time u will make many friends but if by the end of ur life u can count 5 good friends in one hand then that means u have been blessed and lucky that u have had a good life".. So far I hav 3 outa my 5.. Since I was in 5th grade and I lov em to bits! 3y
  •   khyndraanaiis @cubbygraham one of my best friends from high school Jared mckinney is marrying his sister kaytlin! Small world 3y
  •   roneysaha  3y
  •   _lizbliss I love how he is not blocking the thru lane 3y
  •   jac_phua Haha @_lizbliss good one! Super gorgeous portraits :) 3y

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