garancedore From your front row celebrity reporter (me) @jessicaalba at @ralphlauren 3y
  •   anacpin Boring... 3y
  •   bbdelabranche Ahahah love u 3y
  •   raisecain @pickles79 what happened? 3y
  •   femilahlah love her style 3y
  •   perlota Candid beauty 3y
  •   wendycarnaci True...she is not real at all 3y
  •   lifewiththenagasakis @raisecain she was just a biotch to everyone she encountered basically. I saw her a few times around and she has such a snotty attitude and treats people like crap. 3y
  •   ggoldbar She irritates me as well- never made a decent film. Boring. So is now paranting-life expert? Celebs are over -rated. 2y

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