monicatangbby Testing out the front camera on my new phone! 2y
  •   eyewear_lashes Flawless 2y
  •   cnm1408 Gorg! 2y
  •   dukadukes Not bad!! 2y
  •   xxshinrai Did you use the beauty shot function? ^^ I have the same phone. Btw I recommend you get google chrome for Internet browsing because the default one is poo!! 2y
  •   monicatangbby @xxshinrai I didn't! Used regular :) what do you think about the phone? Already downloaded chrome, it's one of my favourite apps! 2y
  •   xxshinrai @monicatangbby photo looks super nice even without ! I really love the S3 but do you find the battery life is not that great? So good to watch YouTube vids on it too :) I haven't really gotten a lot of apps like my iPhone 4 :/ what about you? 2y
  •   xlicious Pretty!! 2y

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