joshjohnson -#JJ COMMUNITY FORUM- .

Everyday we get together and post our best images to a new #JJ forum gallery based on a theme. Our @jj_editors browse that gallery through out the day and highlight their favorite shots. It's a great way to meet some of Instagram's most passionate photographers and to get your work seen .

Todays theme is looking up. Tag your images to the #jj and #jj_forum_0391 galleries .

Thanks so much for sharing your pictures and please don't forget to 1-2-3 .

Not sure what #JJ is? Read the next comment.
  •   tachcha Really love this communication. I'm not a good photographer but love to see nice photos here. You make me happy 2y
  •   dasvini Love this community, I've just tagged one of my best shots to you guys, crossing my fingers 2y
  •   michelleocm For peeps new to the forum, make sure to tag your image with the forum number tag (see first part of @joshjohnson comment). Sorry to say that the #jj tag had been taken over by the selfies, the scantly clad and one direction collages. 2y
  •   ohemg87 @michelleocm we should do both! Let's reclaim the JJ tag with great photography!! 2y
  •   susanblanda Love the JJ community of creatives, who, for the most part are participating with the intention to share and grow. I'm so grateful to Josh Johnson, the editors, and all the creative people who pour their passion into their photos and share their images with the world. We are so blessed to have this creative outlet! 2y
  •   tomsouzajr Cool! 2y

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