inkedfingers Let's just say I've slept almost the entire last 48 hrs solid, did laundry, went grocery shopping and came home with this... I'm not missing #israel or anything.... #israeli #hummus #shasuka #addictions // @croyable @vutheara @sgoralnick @samhorine @bexfinch @astrodub @kewiki @nerdx @jn come over right now!!! 2y
  •   yur.f That's from dominican republic 2y
  •   tslilahrak @roeyr you went out Hummus... 2y
  •   sassycrm Welcome home! 2y
  •   anavalarie_3 LOVE USEING these beans for my Puerto Rican meals! 2y
  •   danala I'll make sure @roeyr brings his battery fumes and oxygen hair thingy... @inkedfingers what about a cook-off - u make Texas burgers and we make hummus :) 2y
  •   momstoocoool You were Blessed! To take that trip! I was BLESSED to see ur photos, to read your comments 2y
  •   melinda3240 I only buy Goya chickpeas. They're amazing. 2y

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