longroadtochina "Don't leave me Mommy"..... Still shedding a few tears every morning when I drop her off:( 2y
  •   romeromstr Oh, you're welcome! It helped with my daughter when she was younger. You're daughter is beautiful. 2y
  •   yma367 She looks grown up here, even with the sad face. 2y
  •   aleigh220 I'm not sure of it will help or not, but we always sent a picture book (one of those for infants/toddlers) with our kiddos when they started going to daycare. If they ever felt lonely or were missing us, they pulled the pictures out & could see us. It helped my 2. 2y
  •   mrsldavis Poor thing. It will get better. I promise. She's so adorable! Love that dress! 2y
  •   momof4js Oh boo. That breaks my heart. Makes me think of that sweet, sad baby we met in China. 2y
  •   frecklesanddimples Hang in there... 2y
  •   longroadtochina Thanks @aleigh220 that's a great idea! 2y
  •   amo0r_s so cute 2y

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