stephtee From my kitchen (ok its been a busy kitchen today)... NINJAGO!!!!! Giant cake, for a special lil one's birthday (lifesize one is the tiny one next to it)... all that's needed now is the name and age details...... the happy lil one's chuckles are more than worth it/priceless......!!! 4y
  •   stephtee @camsmith71 yes!!!! You summed it up perfectly Cameron : Thomas, Cars, Ben 10, Beyblades n now Ninjago... I can't wait for Star Wars as I loved that when I was a kid embarrassingly 4y
  •   stephtee @label5scotchwhisky thank u again 4y
  •   brokentree @stephtee don't be embarrassed about Star Wars it was a natural choice for our generation and so many after ours... 4y
  •   stephtee @brokentree awwww thank u.. Yay another Star Wars fan!!!!! I still have a pic of when I was 4yr old with chewy! N a few other characters 4y

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