_wickedly_ Holding onto a dream, a hope is something that drives a person forward in life. Its what gives us purpose. Things are thrown at us and they test us in many ways but we manage to overcome them. Some however fall short and succumb to feelings of failure. Their obstacle was too much and they have fallen and can't get up. That's where they call for help because they don't want to give up. They need help. That's why its up to us to help them get back on their feet and move them forward. The problem with all of this is finding the strength to help these people. If it isn't stopped, suicide sneaks up on them and takes them away forever. Their lack of presence drives a knife burning with guilt and sadness and a slew of emotions into the hearts of those who cared about them. it tears families apart, friendships crumble and people change. All for one person. Everyone matters. Small or big. People matter. That's why they are here on this planet. So please, anyone don't think that you are useless or that you deserve to die. You have a reason to live and you have affected someones life in a postive way. You all matter <3 2y

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