_jen_taylor Peek-a-boo... 3y
  •   noeknows Awwww you and mikey are very lucky!!  3y
  •   terrakeys Oh my gosh yessss!!! 3y
  •   love_and_light I had a dream about this pic list night!!!! Just realised where it was from bahahaha. How's ya little girly growing? 3y
  •   _jen_taylor Haha thats so funny! This is my mom's icon for Ruby - very fitting She's still cookin in there- im just relaxing now for the next few weeks- and loving it! Her movements are so much more intense tho that it kind of tickles - sp ready to meet her! @love_and_light 3y
  •   love_and_light Bahahaha . I've heard frenchie owners refer to them as batpigs too so perfect. I'm still trying to convince Chris into letting me get a frenchie! Oh that's so exciting about your little princess, I bet you're soo excited! I know I am!! I'd love to send you a little handmade gift for her, just trying to thnk of a way for you to send me your address without it being so public! 3y

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