•   leeturner Great! 3y
  •   rugfoot Thanks @dennymark @henrif. It's funny how it goes. Until I chucked in my office job, I didn't go on the tube much as I cycled to work (and got lots of nice photos on the way). But it shows you can find interesting things whereever you are. But do you know @mrwhisper? he's the real master and has been a big inspiration 3y
  •   rugfoot Cheers man @mrwhisper all in the eyes  3y
  •   rugfoot Thanks a million @leeturner @dylannolte Yes, I don't do many captions but liked this one  @naughty_amelia_jane 3y
  •   dennymark @rugfoot Following mrwhispers now. Very nice! Forgot its called the tubes::) You would of thought I would of remembered that since I was just riding them a couple of months ago Still love your tube photo the best::) 3y
  •   rugfoot The tube (singular) please @dennymark  . Down the tubes means something different. Of course, you've had first-hand experience. Me and mrwhisper are doing a masterclass soon where he's going to be talking about his shooting tactics. 3y
  •   dennymark No worries! I add S's to everything::) Ask my son , he corrects me all the time! Have fun at the masterclass 3y
  •   jesmondo I'm definitely going to call it 'the tubes' from now on. 3y

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